The Author

I first fell in love with Guernsey in the summer of 1966 aged four. I know it was 1966 as I distinctly remember my father going off one sunny afternoon in July back to the B & B where we were staying to watch a football match on the black and white TV, with no sound, whilst my brother and I happily stayed at the beach with our mother. Even though my father was a Scot he was still pleased that England beat Germany that day. We returned to Guernsey for several years for our summer holidays, and I think it I one of the finest places to be with small children for a ‘bucket and spade’ holiday.

So when my own children came along, naturally we returned to Guernsey, and they in turn fell in love with the island. When the sun shone, as it often did, we spent most of our time at the beach, whiling away many happy hours at Petit Bot, Moulin Huet, and our favourite Petit Port. But even when it rained we found plenty to do, spending time exploring the island’s wartime past. Although all of the characters in my book are figments of my imagination, The Occupation Museum really does exist, although physically it is not exactly as I describe it in the book. But it is a fascinating place to spend an afternoon. I hope that my love for the island and its magnificent scenery comes across in my writing.

Learning to fly had always been one of my ambitions. I began to learn to fly fixed wing aircraft in June 1994, training on the Piper Warrior PA-161, and flying from Fairoaks Airport near Chobham in Surrey. I achieved my Private Pilot’s Licence in March 1995. For a time I owned a quarter share in a very old Piper Cherokee 180, but after a couple of years I decided to learn to fly helicopters and began to train on the Robinson R22, as described in my book, flying from White Waltham airfield in Berkshire. My helicopter licence was achieved in September 1997. A year or so later I added a rating to fly the Enstrom F28 series of helicopters. Of course the experience of learning to fly was invaluable in writing this book.

For as long as I can remember books have always fascinated me, and I can happily spend hours and hours browsing the shelves in bookshops. Like many people of my generation my imagination was first fired by Enid Blyton, whilst amongst my favourite authors now are Bill Bryson, Fredrick Forsyth, Tom Clancy, Nicholas Evans, Wilbur Smith, Michael Dobbs and Robert Radcliffe. They are all master storytellers. My own experience of writing this book has made me realise just how talented these people are. For me, writing is an absorbing and therapeutic hobby.

As for my ‘day job,’ I am a company director, working in property development.

I live with my wife, Julie, and our two children, James and Lucinda in Crowthorne, Berkshire.